After School Techniques Class

Three white tiles with the words, 'be kind', a leaf, and insects stenciled onto them using silkscreens.

Call for an appointment… We’ll teach you a new skill and you can use it on a new project! The price depends on the project chosen. Parents are welcome to stay and participate or drop their students off.

We would love to show you how to use silkscreens, carbon paper, rubber stamps. We also can achieve some very interesting effects with bubbles, drips, and splatter!

An example of using carbon paper to transfer a drawing of a lily from notebook paper to a vase. The initial drawing is in black pencil. The final work is a purple flower on a pink background with a green base. A tile hung diagonally as a diamond with three solid horizontal red bands and two lighter bands filled in using a rubber stamp. Bubbly red heart with a black background and the word "love" written in white A tile and vase demonstrating the Drip technique. the base is mostly red but with green dripping down. The tile has many colors dripping from the top down and from the bottom up. A tile and base demonstrating the Splatter technique. The tile mostly has blue splotches. the vase has colorful streaks.