Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Q – Will I get paint all over me when I paint my own pottery?

A – You might! The good news is that all of our glazes are easily cleaned up…Your hands and clothes are safe! We have aprons available if you want to use them but the supplies you use come out in the wash regardless! CLICK HERE to see before and after clean up. It took about 60 seconds for the clean up process.

Q – Do men like painting their own pottery?

A – You might think this activity is primarily for women and children but it is for EVERYBODY! Young or old, male or female….PYOP is an enjoyable experience for everyone! Men are often surprised at how much they enjoy creating a personalized piece of pottery. CLICK HERE to see it first hand!

Q – How long will I have to wait to get my pottery back?

A – Generally, it will be about a week.  Once you have finished your project, it will need to dry for 24 hours.  Then we put the magic touch on it and it needs to dry for a second 24 hour period.  Then it will go into the kiln for ANOTHER 24 hours.  So, depending on our firing schedule, it could be as little as 4 days and up to 10.  We promise to move your project through the process as efficiently as we can!

Q – Do I have to finish my project in one sitting?

A – Absolutely not!  We want you to walk away with a project you are proud of!  If you need to come back a time or two to get it just right, there is no additional charge for that.

Q – Can I bring food and beverages to Mr. Potts?

A – Yes! We love food and beverages of ALL kinds!

Q – Can young children enjoy painting their own pottery?

A – Of course!  You may need to help your children under 3 but paint is fun for everyone!  Check out our baby plates….this is a great way to capture those tiny hands and feet on a plate that they can keep forever!