Welcome to Mr. Pott’s “PYOP”!

I am the mother of 3 almost adult children and have just recently become a grandma!
Some of the best memories I have from my kids’ growing up years are the times we spent doing projects together.
Back then, PYOP studios were few and far between but we were lucky to have a very good one in our town!  We still have some of those projects in our cupboards today and every time I see one of them, it reminds me of those fun family/friend hours we spent at the pottery place!
As my youngest daughter approaches college, she is thinking about careers in the field of art (because she is a FABULOUS artist!!)   AND, she wants to own her own business!  I’ve owned my own businesses for my entire adulthood and she is compelled to follow my footsteps  (hold on girl!!). This combination of strength and independence has culminated in the opening of Mr. Potts PYOP!!
Together, Annie and I have laughed, cried and loved our way through the process of opening the doors of our studio to Cleburne.
We hope that you will come build your own memories with your precious family here at Mr. Potts!!  We are looking forward to helping you make that happen!